Protect & Restore Your Gums

If you experience gum recession you're losing a valuable natural defense against bacteria and other harmful elements that can enter your mouth and affect your teeth and the health of your entire body. That's why hundreds of patients have turned to Dr. Bouclin and our team for gum grafting, a unique procedure that can help restore and protect your gums.

Advantage of Gum Grafts

Stop Further Recession

A gum graft is the perfect way to prevent your gums from experiencing any further damage.

Cover Exposed Roots

Gum grafting ensures that any painful exposed roots remain safely covered and protected.

Reduce Tooth Sensitivity

For many patients, gum grafts significantly reduce pain and sensitivity from exposed teeth.

Look & Feel Great

Gum grafts can restore the natural function of your teeth, letting you smile, talk and eat with total confidence.

How the Procedure Works

Step 1

An impression of your teeth is taken to help create the necessary components for your gum grafting procedure.

Step 2

A thin piece of tissue is taken from the roof of your mouth (or nearby area) and attached to your receding gums.

Step 3

Sutures and a protective “bandage” are placed over your gums to help secure your new graft.

Step 4

If the graft was taken from the roof of your mouth a small device known as a palatal stent is added to aid in healing.

Step 5

Two weeks after your procedure, the doctor will remove your sutures and ensure your graft is healing properly.

Why Choose Our Clinic

Done in Just 1 Hour

The entire gum graft procedure is done in a single visit that takes just an hour to complete.

High Success Rate

We've successfully completed gum grafts for hundreds of patients right here in Ottawa.

Comfort First

We'll take the time walk you through the procedure to make it as easy and painless as possible.

Post Procedure Care

We'll follow up to make sure you're graft is healing and looks and feels great.

Before and After

Gum GraftingGum Grafting
Gum GraftingGum Grafting